Wednesday, September 7, 2016

More than just a food show!

Watching 'Chef's Table: France' Episode 1: Alain Passard, is so much more than watching another food show.

The blurb read: The pilot begins with Passard, who is most famous for his drastic turn from a meat to vegetable-only menu in his Michelin three-starred restaurant, and whose language of food is so deeply spiritual and personal that one can’t help but feel emotional while listening to him talk. (It worked on me)

To be honest, anything that gets me to fire up a blog post has to be pretty damn inspiring. Passard's story got to me and even re-ignited my passion for my job. Don't get me wrong - I love my job, but in the busy-ness of life it's easy to do what you do, without always thinking about why you do it. Passard's story of wanting to be a chef at the age of 14 and never losing sight of that, despite the challenges is remarkable. His passion for cooking is undeniable, but his story is about the journey and the pitfalls, the highs and the lows, of always evolving, of keeping the passion alive, of being a risk taker, responsive, creative, innovative .... Lets just say it's our Hobsonville Habits and Values rolled into one.

"At Arpege, we work instinctively.
Dishes may change every day, even at each service.
Nothing is written in the recipes.
Everything is made using only what arrives from the gardens. (Passard's gardens, where he refers to his gardeners as 'Artists,' 'companions' and 'life partners').
This is the magic of Arpege. ...
We don't record anything. We don't write anything down.
That forces us to keep looking.
Next year I don't want to make the same recipes that I did this year.
I want things to continue to evolve because, without that, there's nothing.
It's complicated. It's not easy.
But what delicious food we feast on!
What pleasure!
I have chills every day because sometimes I'm afraid.
Am I going to find that recipe?
In the space of a few seconds? ...
When you close your eyes at night, what's important?
You've spent the day taking risks.
You've made some people very happy.
Each day, that is my challenge."

Chef's Table: France - Episode 1 - Alain Passard (Netflix required)

As my teenager would say - "what a cool guy."

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